Loans availed to acquire a ready /under construction residential property / construction of a residential property on own land. AHFCL also provides loans to refinance home loan availed by the customer from other Banks / HFCs.

We at AHFCL understand that a home buying decision is the most important decision in your life and hence we strive to provide a seamless customer experience when it comes to financing the purchase of your dream home.

Loan Amount

Minimum Loan Amount: Rs.2 Lakhs

Maximum Loan Amount: Rs.25 Lakhs

Loan Tenure

Minimum Tenure: 5 Years

Maximum Tenure: 25 Years for Salaried Customers

20 Years for Self-Employed Customers

Loan tenure should not go beyond the age of retirement or on reaching sixty years of age in case of Salaried and Seventy in case of self-employed customers

Interest Rate

AHFCL RPLR: 18.20%
Customer Type Interest Rate RPLR minus Spread
Salaried 12.00% to 15.00% 6.20 % to 3.20 %
Self Employed 12.50 % to 15.00% 5.70 % to 3.20%
Self Employed / Non Professional 12.50% to 16.00% 5.70 % to 2.20 %

Processing Fees

Sr. No. Fees / Charges Type Description
1. Non-refundable Processing fees: Rs. 5,700 /- (Rupees Five Thousand Seven Hundred only) The processing fee is a onetime non-refundable fee, and is collected by AHFCL for the purpose of appraising the application for the Loan and the same are independent of the outcome/result of such appraisal. Please note that the processing fees is payable at the time of submitting Application Form, duly filled in by way of cheque/Demand Draft favouring AHFCL and /or such other mode as may be acceptable to the Company.
2. Total Processing Fees (Inclusive of the non – refundable amount) 1-2% of the sanction amount plus applicable taxes and/ or other statutory levies